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Brauer’s Blog

Jeffrey Brauer: Golf Course Architect

Jeffrey Brauer: Golf Course Architect What Is A Golf Course Architect?A Golf Architect is someone with a background in landscape architecture who is deeply knowledgeable when it comes to the game of golf and chooses to design golf courses. This is a position that not only requires the insight of someone who understands the needs of golfers and golf course owners, but also, someone that can work within the confines of a budget to make ...
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10 More Reasons to Renovate

10 More Reasons to Renovate Soon11. Looking Back Restorations are (or were) the rage. Should the History Channel have a “golf architecture” show? With most Golden Age courses now preserved, focus will shift to preserving Dick Wilson and Robert Trent Jones courses, then to…..dare I say it…... Jeffrey D. Brauer Courses?12. Looking Forward Preserving heritage is fine, to a point. However, one thing is certain about designing for the past……there’s not much future in it ...
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10 Reasons to Renovate Soon

10 Reasons to Renovate SoonTypically, realtors implore you to “Buy Now!” Their reasons are many, and many apply to the question of when to renovate your golf course:1. It will never be cheaper In the last year, construction prices have jumped 15-20%, after years of stagnation. Prices will continue rising sharply for a while, so sooner surely beats later.2. You Know You Want To Change for changes’ sake is immediately exhilarating, and learning its new ...
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